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Our hotel in Cabourg

invites you to go “in search of lost time”

Our hotel in Cabourg lies at the heart of a lovely town whose many features tell the story of the resort, from the early days of the seaside and the prosperous heights of the Belle Époque up to today. The well-to-do of France and elsewhere who came to Cabourg for seaside holidays outdid each other through architecture as they did in business. The result is an eclecticism that runs through these “crazy” streets, which still amaze visitors from all over the world today thanks to the 'no-holds-barred' attitude of the former owners. Outdo your neighbour in imagination, discovery and audacity – this was the mantra that has made Cabourg so unique in the eyes of the world today. Marcel Proust, who depicted this society like no-one else could, no doubt found perfect grounds for observation, particularly from room 414 of the Grand Hotel. Having discovered Cabourg around the age of 10, he stayed there often to treat his asthma (primarily from 1907 to 1914). Cabourg was the inspiration for the place he called Balbec in “In Search of Lost time”.

The race-course is another highlight of life here, whether you’re a complete novice or very keen on horses. Also the site of numerous non-equestrian activities in summer (including free events, concerts, fireworks, themed evenings), lovers of all things horses will be able to visit stables and attend display shows.

Whether or not balneotherapy is one of the reasons for your stay, you can enjoy the town’s Belle Époque gardens, including the Jadins de l’Hôtel de Ville, Aquilon and de la Roserarie, all of which are full of remarkable specimens.

If you’re keen on sport, you’ll find lots to do in the natural surroundings Cabourg is lucky to possess. These activities include golf, running, nautical activities, boat rides in the sea or down the Dives estuary, swimming in the sea and hiking in the marshlands.