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The Belle Époque is alive and well in Cabourg

Close to our 3-star hotel


Cabourg is almost like an open-air museum on Belle Époque architecture, and one could argue that the Hotel de Paris, our hotel by the sea, is its main attraction. Built in 1881, it witnessed the entire evolution of Cabourg during the golden age of seaside holidays, including the destruction of the old casino (built out of wood) and the old Hotel de la Plage, the construction of the new “durable” buildings by Charles Bertrand, and the inauguration of the Grand Hotel in 1907 (frequented by Marcel Proust). Staying here is like experiencing the very history of the town, lively and well aware of its privileged location. The Avenue de la Mer is the main shopping street in Cabourg. It wakes up along with the city, and you can put your finger on its pulse by heading out to discover it.

Whether you explore the town or go by the sea is your choice. Wherever you turn, you’ll be amazed by the Belle Époque villas, whose style evokes the imagination of owners who were as creative and demanding as they were unlimited in their budgets. As you admire them, you’ll think you’re in the world of the Great Gatsby. By the sea, you’ll inevitably end up by the unmissable Grand Hotel, the Casino and the 3.6 km of the Promenade Marcel Proust. The horizon is large and open, and the air crisp. The walk that you take there will be the perfect taster to discovering Normandy, and there really is something for everyone.

The 40 km of the Côte Fleurie between Honfleur and Merville-Franceville, as well as the Pays d’Auge, will enthral lovers of art and nature. Cinema fans will be drawn to Deauville, art lovers will adore Honfleur (once home to the likes of early Impressionist Boudin), and lovers of history will be enthralled by the D-Day Beaches and the realistic evocations of D-Day. 

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